We offer many different maple products for sale, including maple cream, maple sugar, and multiple types of maple syrup. Below is a listing of our inventory and prices. Email us if you would like to inquire about a purchase.


We sell syrup in two grades: Grade A and Grade B. Grade A syrup is the classic table-grade syrup, and is divided into three types: Light Amber, Medium Amber, and Dark Amber. These three types have different tastes, with the Dark Amber bearing the strongest flavor. Grade B syrup is typically used for cooking, but is also acceptable for table use. Grade B syrup is only sold in the plastic containers. Prices are for Grade A syrup unless otherwise noted.

Plastic Maple Syrup Jug

1 gallon Grade A- $48.00
1/2 gallon Grade A- $28.00

Plastic Maple Syrup Jug

1 quart Grade A- $14.50
1 pint Grade A- $8.50
8 oz Grade A – $6.50

Special Maple Syrup Bottles

Heart 3.38 oz- $3.50
Heart with Wire 1.35 oz- $3.50
Small Glass Jug 1.70 oz- $2.95
Small Flat Bottle 1.65 oz- $2.75

Maple Syrup Glass Bottles

12 oz- $7.75
8 oz- $6.50

Special Maple Syrup Bottles

Medium Leaf 3.38 oz- $6.50
Tall Glass 6.76 oz- $4.50
Decorative Glass 8.45 oz- $9.00

Maple Syrup Leaf Bottles

Large Leaf 8.45 oz- $9.00
Medium Leaf 3.38 oz- $6.50
Small Leaf 1.65 oz- $3.75

Other Products

Maple sap can be transformed into more than syrup. We offer many different maple products as well as non-maple products. For prices of products not listed, please call or email us.

Maple Candy

$1.00 per ounce

Maple Pecan Topping

19 oz – $9.50

Maple Walnut Topping

19 oz – $9.50

Maple Mustard Dipping Sauce

1/2 lb – $4.50

Honey - Local - Raw

1/2 pt – $6.00
1 pt – $12.00
1 qt – $20.00

Door County Gourmet Coffees

Many flavors available
8 oz seasonal flavors – $7.95
10 oz everyday flavors –$9.50
1 pot size $1.95
12 cup pack-fits Keurig-$7.95

Maple Cream

1/2 lb jar- $6.50
1 lb jar- $10.00
Maple cream is a whipped form of maple syrup.

Maple Sugar

8 oz package- $4.75
1 lb package- $8.75
Sugar is packaged in sealed plastic bags.


1 lb jar- $6.00
2 lb jar- $9.00
Indiana Made Sorghum

Goat Milk Soap Unscented

1 bar- $3.75
2 bars- $6.50
1 large bar – $6.50

Scented Bars

1 large bar – $5.75

Assorted Maple Teas

20 individually-wrapped teabags- $7.00
25 teabags in wooden box- $6.00
Types: Maple Tea, Maple Green Tea, Golden Maple Tea, Strawberry Maple Tea, Maple Cream Tea, and Decaf Maple Herbal Tea.
Other non-maple teas include Earl Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Ice Wine Tea, Raspberry Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea (Decaffeinated), Holiday Spice Tea, Chamomile Tea plus others.