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Pure Indiana Maple Syrup


Harris Sugar Bush Syrup

Our maple syrup is made from the sap of the hard maple trees and is 100% natural. It has a fine flavor, is light in color, is full weight, and contains no preservatives.

We sell a multitude of maple products, including:

     -Maple Syrup
     -Maple Candies
     -Maple Sugar
     -Maple Cream
     -Maple Cotton Candy

     -Maple Jelly
     -Maple-covered Nuts
     -Maple Teas

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So how does tree sap become a delicious topping?
Maple syrup production combines traditional tools and methods, such as sap buckets, with more modern processes such as reverse osmosis.
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There's more to syrup than breakfast!
Ever tried maple butter? Need that extra flavor for your grapefruit? We have an entire list of delicious ideas for maple syrup that you've probably never have imagined.
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Come visit us!
We are open everyday during maple syrup season, which lasts from the last week of January through the first week of March. Tours are available throughout the year by appointment.
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